Today’s Color Trends for Weddings

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Colors play a big role in the feeling of a wedding. They show the personalities of the bride and groom, as well as portray the overall sentiment of the wedding and the couple’s future. Every year there are a few colors that stand out as characteristics of society’s style that particular year. While these colors may be used in other years, these are a few that have stood out to me as being the most popular for 2018 so far.


Maroon is a common accent color for many weddings, especially in the fall and winter. It is a color that can go with most natural and lighter shades. Add this color to the bouquets and into the centerpieces to make them pop and really stand out. Mixing this in with a blush or an olive tone will make for some gorgeous pictures.


Neutrals are called neutral for a reason – they do not clash with anything. Adding a neutral color such as olive or taupe can add dimension to a bouquet and to the decorations. Many times, these can be found in the wedding party’s wardrobe. Trying to match neutral colors is easy and will not take too much time to coordinate decorations. These are the base of any color scheme and will be built off of.


Blush or “millennial pink” is widely popular right now and is included in many events, especially weddings. It is a very versatile color from using it to soften a darker themed wedding or as a focal color among other colors.

Black and White

Black and white is a timeless color combination. It is not specific to 2018, but it it still a popular trend. Most times there is another color with black and white to give it an accent and make it personalized while still keeping a classic. Black and white are more for a formal wedding, not necessarily for a wedding outside.


These colors are just a few of many popular colors for 2018. Trends are constantly changing and are not always followed exactly as people tend to want to add a touch of personalization to their wedding color scheme. Picking the scheme might not seem important, but I would recommend choosing the colors before trying to plan decorations or anything else, really. Once you have a scheme that you and your fiancé agree on, then start planning flowers, seat covers, centerpieces, and the wedding cake.


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