Why You Should or Should Not Have a Destination Wedding

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It seems as though it is becoming more and more popular for couples to decide on a destination wedding instead of one close to home. While destination weddings can make for some wonderful memories, what are the downsides to traveling far away to have the ceremony?


Why you should:

The pictures are one-of-a-kind.

Just think of the backgrounds and how unique your wedding will be! Whether it’s on a tropical island or in the snowy mountains, your pictures will definitely stand out in the best way.

Built in honeymoon.

You will already be in your ideal wedding location, so why not make your honeymoon out of it? You and your new hubby can just go straight to the honeymoon when the ceremony and reception are over without having to worry about missing your flight or losing luggage.

Shorter guest list.

Feel free to skip the stress of who to invite because when it comes to destination weddings, fewer people will travel to the wedding. Shorten the list to direct family and close friends only and deal with the people at home when you get home.

Less individual planning.

A lot of times, there are wedding planners that work with individual resorts and companies that know exactly what is needed and how to get it there. Tell them what you are envisioning for the wedding and let them run with it. It will take some trust to know that it will turn out better than you had hoped, but they will make it perfect for you.

The memories are priceless.

How many people will get to say, “Remember that time we flew to *insert destination* for her wedding? That was such a cool trip!” when talking about you? You will have all of your closest people in you life with you to experience something that is truly special.

My sister recently had a destination wedding with Sun Quest Cruises and we have many fond memories from the trip because of it. The staff at Sun Quest were incredible and everything went so smoothly!


Why you should not:

It can get pricey.

If money is an issue for you, a destination wedding is not recommended. Oftentimes the couple-to-be will pay for the guests coming which can add up quickly. Use that money towards another part of the wedding.

Guests might be with you for the honeymoon.

If your guests are traveling to a destination, they will most likely want to stay and make a vacation out of it. With them staying in the same area as you, you will always have the risk of running into someone you know during the time you should be spending only with your new husband.

Choosing who makes the guest list.

If you are a people-pleaser like myself, it would be hard to narrow the guest list down to a certain amount without worrying about hurting people’s feelings. In the end, it’s all up to you

Might not be as personalized.

If you are planning to use a resort’s wedding planning services, they will generally use the same line-up, musicians, decorations, and cake decorators even for each ceremony they host. Personalization is limited when it comes in a wedding package tied in the same kind of bow the bride before you had and the bride after you will have.

Transporting the dress.

Traveling with a lot of luggage is not easy in general but when you have a large wedding dress to haul around, it makes traveling even harder. Unless your wedding dress and all of the accessories fit in a carry-on, there is always the potential of the airline company to lose your luggage, a.k.a. your whole wedding wardrobe.


In the end, it all depends on how your personally want your wedding to be like. Each situation is different, so it is not guaranteed that everything bad that could happen will happen or that everything good that could happen will happen. Choose what is right for you and your husband-to-be and what makes the two of you happy.


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